There are a number of ways to get started at Dance Culture.  If you let us know what you're looking for we can point you in the right direction:

Learn Latin Dancing for the first time

Learn the basics of Salsa and Bachata dancing, for total beginners with no prior experience.  Come solo, as a couple or with friends.

Salsa & Bachata classes for students with prior experience

Already got some experience with Latin dancing?  Skip straight to the classes most appropriate for you.

Dance classes for fitness

Want to really burn some calories?  We've got the classes for you.





    We turn Not-Yet-Dancers into Dancers

    The result of many years of experimentation and development, our popular four-week (four classes) Introduction to Latin Dancing course guides absolute beginners through the fundamentals of the two most popular street Latin dance styles: Salsa and Bachata. For a large part of the course you will be learning how to dance with other humans. You do not need to bring a dance partner. In fact, many people come by themselves or with a few mates. Some of our students have through this course discovered that they love to dance. Some of our students have made friends all over the world through Latin dancing. Some of our students have fallen in love and married! 

  • Level 2 (aka White Belt)

    Got the basic steps and a few simple turns under your belt?

    From White Belt Level and beyond you can focus on Salsa and/or Bachata in our progressive Latin dancing programmes. Classes on our timetable that do not mention a specific level are open to everyone regardless of experience level. White Belt syllabi are normally about 8 lessons in length and will give you a grounding in connecting to a dance partner, musical timing, fundamental technique, posture and even musicality. After 8 lessons you can move up to Orange Belt level if you feel confident to do so.

  • Level 3 (aka Orange Belt)

    Let's build on those fundamentals

    Once you have some experience with partner dancing, musical timing, the basic steps and simple turns, it's time to add some slightly more challenging steps along with refining connection and musicality. The Orange Belt syllabi are normally about 12-16 lessons in length. When you feel like you might be ready for the challenge of Yellow Belt level, ask your Orange Belt instructor if you can move up. We always encourage our students to continue attending the levels they have already completed as it doesn't cost anything extra to do so, it gives them extra time to practice and it helps the less experienced students.

  • Level 4 (aka Yellow Belt)

    Science + Art = Magic

    If the fundamentals were the science then in this level we add a little magic. In the Salsa programme you'll learn about "illusions" & spinning and in the Bachata programme you'll create truly flowing motion that looks and feels as if it really is magical.

  • Level 5 (aka Green Belt)

    Only the hard workers get this far

    When your balance, technique, timing, connection and musicality are starting to come together and become consistent you will be invited to Green Belt Level. In this level the music gets faster. The combinations of moves grow more complex. Body movement and footwork get refined. Musicality is further explored.

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