Ever wanted to learn to dance Salsa or Latin dancing in general? Looking for something to do on the weekend or after work? Want to get more social and meet friendly people? Got "two left feet"?


Great! You're perfect for our 4-week Introduction to Latin Dancing course. We start by shifting our weight from one foot to the other. Then you will learn to dance authentic Salsa and Bachata RAPIDLY with a proven system of instruction, our friendly instructors and lots of laughs.


Come and find out why we have students driving from as far as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast every week to attend our classes in Brisbane!


No dance partner needed.  No prior dance experience needed.  Some people bravely come to this course by themselves.  Some bring their Significant Other.  Some come with a group of friends or workmates.  This course normally attracts a diverse group of 20 to 30 students.

  • If you can walk you can dance!

    It's fun, it's social and it'll get you moving! So try Latin dancing by coming to our relaxed, fun, in-person 4-week Introduction to Latin Dancing course.  


    Are you a bloke? Great! We always need more blokes in our classes. The ladies always appreciate the men who come along to the classes.

  • Why learn Salsa and Bachata?

    Mainly because it's a great way to spend your time!  Plus it's a lot more satisfying than Netflix marathons (although those are great, too). 


    You might not have noticed it before but Latin dancing is actually very popular in Brisbane with thousands of people attending classes and social dancing events every week.  It attracts a very diverse group of individuals including university students, medical professionals, school teachers, engineers, labourers, designers, business managers, accountants and dentists. 


    If you enjoy travelling, Salsa and Bachata open up a worldwide network of friends and opportunities. This course will take you from "two left feet" to being able to understand and dance the basics of Australia's most popular Latin dance styles anywhere in the world.

  • Why learn with Dance Culture?

  • Dance partner not needed!

    Singles and couples are welcome. Ages 13+ welcome. Our youngest student is 14 years old and our oldest is about 75.  Most of our students are around 18 to 35 years old.  Some people bravely come to this course by themselves (#respect).  Some bring their Significant Other.  Some come with a group of friends or workmates.  This course normally attracts a diverse group of 20 to 30 students.

  • What to bring & wear?

    Bring a bottle of water and wear some comfortable clothes (t-shirt, jeans/leggings and sneakers are fine).

  • When

  • Where

  • Requirements

  • What happens after the course?

  • Already got some experience under your belt?

  • Enrol now

  • No partner?  No problem!  While you will be learning how to dance with another human you do not need to bring a dance partner.  Instead we will rotate partners frequently during the class.

  • Don't want to change partner?  Sometimes couples only want to dance with one another.  This is understandable but we have found, after many years of running this course, that this typically leads to the formation of bad habits and frustration for the couple.  We won't force you to change partners but we do recommend rotating and making new friends when asked to "high five and change partner".  Generally speaking, booking a private lesson is a better option for couples who only want to dance with one another.

  • No prior experience in dance?  Well, that's definitely not a problem because this course is designed precisely for the typical human who has "two left feet".

  • You want to enrol but your Significant Other doesn't want to?  We actually hear this a lot.  Quite a number of our regular students come to Latin dancing as something to do for themselves while their husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend does his/her own thing.  Your instructor, James, has a great deal of respect for those brave enough to attend solo.

  • What if the course is interrupted by a COVID-related lockdown?  Should your course be interrupted by a lockdown or by new restrictions you will have the option to request a pro-rata refund or to complete the classes at a later time.



"James teaches a progressive syllabus with step by step instructions which are easy to follow, he has friendly assistants who offer positive encouragement and students who keep coming back for more. It really has opened up a whole new world of fun, friendship and dancing! If you have ever wondered about learning Latin dance, check out Dance Culture for some awesome classes which will have you social dancing in no time!" - Liz


"I never thought I'd willingly learn to dance but I'm so glad I did. Everyone I've met at Dance Culture have all been friendly and supportive." - Patrick


"The passion for latin dancing is something that shines through at Dance Culture during every class and it's highly infectious. You have a great teacher, some lovely people and a welcoming environment. I cannot recommend this school highly enough. Give Dance Culture a go, and you might not only come to enjoy salsa and/or zouk, you might become slightly addicted to it (like me!)" - AJ


"Have been attending their salsa course for nearly 4 months now, really enjoyed the way they teach and motive me as a beginner. The dance floor is super clean and comfy. With the humorous teaching style, I felt learning is so enjoyable. I have to say that the time and money are well invested in this adventure!" - Steven


"I really love the culture part of dance culture. Everyone is friendly and respectful of each other on and off the dance floor. I've danced and assisted many schools over the years and I have to say this is the best to date." - Tonia


"I had zero dance experience and was very nervous about trying a dance class. Dance culture immediately set me at ease and made me feel comfortable while building up my skills with a progressive syllabus over time. I loved the vibe and friendly energy of the classes and am very thankful for the increased confidence in myself, and all the new friends and experiences i have gained through dancing. I never imagined that I could dance or would even enjoy it, but it has become a passion that I love! I highly recommend coming and trying it out." - Paul


"I feel that James has a clear picture of what I should look like and what moves I should be able to perform at any given time. That way I never feel like I am drowning and his senior students are super supportive too!!! I will be a member for life." - Daniel


"James is an excellent teacher who brings his passion, humour and wit to the floor ensuring that every learner dancer feels involved. No matter what the level, the syllabus and speed of which it moves goes with the learners. Highly recommended dance school for learners of all ages. Thankyou James and all of your volunteers who make it fun to learn" - Michelle


"The advanced salsa classes with Madalyn and James have been a fantastic experience! The atmosphere in classes is friendly and fun, yet motivates you to constantly work on your technique and improve. The instructors are helpful, patient and have very high standards. My dancing has become much better thanks to them!" - Kasia


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Classes are held in our air-conditioned dance studio at Dance Culture, 1st floor, 474 Ipswich Road, Annerley, Brisbane. The door to the studio is located between Yesterday's Thift Shop and Lifeline Vintage Revival.


Money Back Guarantee

Don't love your visit to Dance Culture? Tell us within 2 days to receive a full refund on the class or course.


Memberships may be paused or cancelled at any time unless a minimum term plan has been selected.

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